Thursday, June 4, 2015

End of the Year Freebie

WOW!! The end is here...  It has been a very hard year professionally so on that front I am glad and excited to learn what new adventures and school family God has in store for me...  But I am sad about losing my class.  I had a really great group of kiddos this year!  They are very kind and loved to learn!

So I always want to do something cute for end of the year gift like so many post I see but it seems the day just sneaks up on me (how?  yeah I know ;) )  and I run out of time.  Well this year for some reason--even with packing up a classroom I have not felt rushed--YEAH!!  So I used one of my leave early passes and headed to the Dollar Tree.  Not sure what I wanted to do--just something simple.  Well I am quite proud of the end result.  And I even made a cute little tag!!

So got the baskets, chalk, and popsicles from the Dollar Tree, add in a cute summer activity from Amy Lemons.  I let them pick out the popsicle.  I had book marks already.  Make the tag (there is one for boys and one for girls) and Voila!!  I spent $3.00 per kid and it was super simple and cute!

So if you happen to be still in school maybe these will save you a little time!
Happy Summer!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1,000+ Facebook Giveaway Time!!!

I am SOSO excited to get this party started!!  I have had some wonderful creators join in my celebration of my 1,000+ Facebook Fan Followers.  So be sure and enter each day for a chance to win some GREAT Prizes!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Just stopping avoiding grading in to let you know about next week.  Well its that time of the year show appreciation for the teacher in your life :)
I am participating in the TPT big sale!!

DONT FORGET YOUR CODE AT CHECK OUT!! (sadly I have done that!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

OMG!! A posting!!

Hi y'all!!  Something amazing is happening.....I actually am posting!  I don't know about y'all but this year has been terrible hard!!  I don't even know were to begin...  So I won't!  I can not believe it is already mid January!!  I wanted to stop by and talk about something I am in love with:  sit spots.   Have you seen these??  If not check them out they are SO COOL!

So in 2nd I do not have a rug like in kinder.  I like having a meeting place and honestly I do not want to fork out $100s for a rug for my classroom.  I could not stand tape because they just pick at it.  I hated how my kids would sit all over but it took to long to assign them areas.  And then I ran across these cool little things.  They are basically velcro... but SO much cooler!   They work on most carpets but not on rugs.

Now we have such a uniform area!!  4 rows of 5.  Each person has a space and I can assign specific spots if needed..  No body is to far from me, I still have room to walk (when piles of books are not there :), and I swear they learn better!!  lol  They just make me SO happy!!

You can go to their website and request a sample.  I got an apple and used that to mark where the start of the line is-no more being crowded, stepped on, or on top of the lockers!!

I hope your year is going fab!!  Here is to 2015 and a better year!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey Y'all !! and a Birthday link up!

Hello out there!!  I am still alive :)   This year has been VERY hard!!  Thanks to the certain powers that be who felt it would be great to implement TONS of changes it has been very stressful for the teachers in my district :(

I hope to start getting into blogging again..  This week I hope to have some more fun in my room due to class parties and Halloween this Friday we are taking a break from the basel (YEAH)!! We are going to do a compare and contrast of non fiction vs. fiction of bats and ending the week with Room on The Broom... I can not wait to share this book with my 2nd graders!!  One of the days I will actually remember to take pictures!

I am here to also wish Amanda at The Primary Gal a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  In honor of Amanda and her FAbuLOUsness TONS of talented teachers are linking up to offer 1.00 deals!!!
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So stop by and wish Amanda a Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Great Resource

Well the school year has started and no matter how much I try to be prepped and not stressed I always feel about 3 days behind!  I am sure I am not alone ;)...  I am courious how others out there handle when their district throws them MAJOR curveballs just DAYS before school starts??  I would love your advice ;)

This year is going to be great!!  I just know it!  We are off to a great WBT start.  It is not perfect people but it is a start!  We are getting better each day with our gestures..this has been a harder group but I think the more we get into it and the SIW has really helped with getting them going and I have doe really cute gems :)   The Power Pix have been REALLY hard for me to keep up with!!  What tips do you all have that keeps you on track with them?  It just seems so hard with ALL the other little things...

But one thing I did want to share is what I do for making labels.  Lets face it this time of year we are LABEL MAKING MACHINES... labels for daily folders, writing journals, math journals, science journals, interactive notebooks, and the list goes on!  What I like to use is  Did you know you can design and print ONLINE!!  I did not..and you can save them just create an account for free!!

I discover this 2 years ago and I LOVE IT!!  Sure you can create and print using a word processing program but that always gives me fits.  You are limited on the fonts which -- not gonna lie--is a bummer but you can upload ANY of your cute clipart's and if you have words you want on all the labels you could always create it in an image.

I chose the blank labels because I wanted to use specific clipart.

You can edit ALL or just ONE label at a time.

These are the cutie labels I made for our Writing Folders :) .  I forgot to take pics of the other labels I have done so far :(

I hope this can help you to save a bit of time!