Monday, March 31, 2014

WBT Oral Writing Freebies

So you may have guessed by the name of my blog that I am into, drank the kook-aid, got the t-shirt (literally) wholebrain teaching.  When you truly implement the strategies it will transform your teaching!!  Take student engagement to a whole new level!!  I am still learning and there is so much that I don't know, or forget at times to do.....  But I keep starting over everyday and some days are WONDERFUL and others are a true learning experience.  If you have not really looked into it go to .... oh and the BEST part is any resources are FREE!!  You should NEVER pay for any WBT resources!!  Who does not like free???

So going into the 2nd school year (first whole year) of using WBT I really wanted to get a grasp of the whole oral writing process.  There are several components and I just was not sure where to start!! I knew that first and for most your students are "oral writing" meaning they are expected to talk in complete sentences ALL THE TIME!!  That was something I really had to focus on in that as we all feel the rush to "get it all in" and just take the 1-2 work answers and go!  But if you slow down and expect your students to ALWAYS answer in complete sentences you will be AMAZED!! at the deeper level of thinking that comes forth! And yet it is such a simple idea!!  Well then there is the genius ladder, the superspeed100, the triple whammy, the micro essay!  I am sure I am forgetting something and I had NO IDEA what I should do first!  I ready all the information on the website but I need to see and hear something also so I did not start as strong this year as I wanted to.....  But then Christina DeCarbo @ Sugar and Spice blogged about her journey and it made TOTAL sense to me!!! So we got to work and they really got good at the Micro (college-in my room) Essay.
My anchor chart!! Very proud--I do not like to hand write things... I do not have good handwriting...

So last week I wanted to push them; we took our field trip the week before to ASI,  which is a GREAT field trip btw... each station has some type of math skill!!  The kids had a blast!  But I digress.....

So we started the triple whammy sentence based on a St. Patricks book we read previously and I used the green, blue, and red colors to help color code and when they did it on their own they were giving me more of a micro essay because I forgot to change the colors!!

So I created these writing guides to help them and me remember the color system and how to combine the Triple Whammy and Micro (college) Essay.  We are in the middle of our writing so I do not have a pic as today I was not at school (opening day at the Ballpark-GO RANGERS!!)  But I think once they are done they will be great!!  My hope is tomorrow we will be able to go into writing the final copy!  Click on either pic to go to my TPT store and download!  Happy Writing :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Second Grade Math Maniac: Mystery Box, March!

I am rubbing my lucky rabbits food as I type!!!

Second Grade Math Maniac: Mystery Box, March!: March is roaring in like a lion for sure! Especially cuz the Mystery Box is baaaack!!! Hopefully you'll win the GRAND PRIZE worth o...