Thursday, November 28, 2013

Its a Black Friday Sale!!

Gobble.... Gobble...
I am getting in on the Black Friday madness!!  lol
The BIG TPT sale is coming on Cyber Monday you will get an extra 8% off with the code: CYBER

But if you can wait till then I am having 20% off my store NOW!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pitner's Potpourri: Proper Pilgrims -- Freebie!

Pitner's Potpourri: Proper Pilgrims -- Freebie!: Today, I am thankful that my mama taught me how to cook….including how to make her dressing for Thanksgiving! This is our family's firs...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nothing long here it's cold..cold night in Texas! It's been a rainy nasty 30 something day here.  I'm looking forward to a WHOLE week off for Thanksgiving!!!!   I am excited that I figured out how to make a Facebook page so come on over!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The coolest app!!

This is short and sweet.....
If you have not heard of educreations you need to run and download this free app.....NOW
This app is THE best thing in town!!  It is an interactive white board app that let's you creat most ANYTHING I think!!!   My favorite part is that it lets me upload my clip art straight from Dropbox!!

Here are two math tutorials I am sending to my parents...  Please remember I'm am NOT a professional :D

Strategy # 2.... Using our 120's chart to add

Strategy #1... Using base 10 to add 2 digit addition problems

WBT Shorty #3: Easiest way to reform Rebel Students?

OK  My Goal for the next 7 days is to:   watch this EVERYDAY!!!  So my stinkers  my challengers my sweeties can be successful!!!

Thank you Nancy S. for being there to pull me back in!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Yes the weather has turned cooler here in the heart of Texas.  And I am a wimp!!  I am already cold!  I just like it to be atleast 80ish but I am not complaining mind you!

So I signed up last year for this Scoot Pad thing... and never got around to adding my class so here goes it in 2nd grade.  I read about it on another blog.. sorry I cant find the posting at the moment but I will keep looking.  You can do the free version which is what I am doing at the moment with the paid version you can set it up to assess and customize the learning path...  Seems cool so we will see..  I have my 4 or so low babies that are on Lexia so ANY little bit helps and now my others will have a "go to" place as well during Daily 5 and today I am starting Guided Math-FINGERS CROSSED AND PRAYERS please!  I have been thinking on it for a long time but thanks to the FAB Mrs. Tunstall and her post I got a solid plan in place:   But you know what they say about "all good plans"!!  AND Especially as a teacher!!  They are great until the kids actually come!  ha!

Tata for now!! I hope to catch Coach B tonight at 7 Central for some good WBT learning!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Saddle up for Second Grade: 1 YEAR BLOGAVERSARY AND A GIVEAWAY TOO!!!

If you have not found Saddle up for Second Grade you need to.  I just love her and her blog!!

Saddle up for Second Grade: 1 YEAR BLOGAVERSARY AND A GIVEAWAY TOO!!!: HAPPY 1 YEAR BLOG"AVERSARY" TO ME!!! I'm so excited about this ya'll! One year ago today I started my blogging/TPT a...