Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The weekend is coming.... Linking up withTHE Mrs. Shipley :)..OH and a Freebie FB LINKY!!!

Well I have wanted to post lately but I have not had the spirit...  It is a tough year!!  My first year in 2nd grade and our district has "podded" 2nd and up with "advanced and regular" so there are 4 regular (myself included) and 2 advanced classes...  I don't have any measure to base these kids on because I have always been in K or younger.  The other fabulous team members HAVE done 2nd for many years.  And us reg. folks are DROWNING!!  My other reg. team mates keep saying this is the worst year ever!!  They have not seen kids this low!!  These kids are so LOW!!  We have unit assessments it seems like every other week--which is the data we look at (math and ela) but they do not count for a grade (thankfully!!) and I personally have at least 7 that I know will not pass because they are ESL and or reading at a 6-10 DRA.  And then the rest are at least on grade level (now) DRA of 24 or higher.  About half to 3/4 ths of them will pass.....   Then throw in the 4-5 that are ADHD/ADD some are on meds. and some are not.... So needless to say when my unit assessments come back they are not good.... I feel like I am failing these guys...    BUT TODAY WAS DIFFERENT!!

I am so excited to link up with THE FABULOUS Mrs. Shipley @ Mrs Shipley's Classroom ( I want to be like her when I grow up!! ).      Well I really prayed last night help me get some spark back and going in today WBT was there for me!  :)  I knew I needed to spice it up but I'm not as familiar with some of the different levels of the scoreboard yet like I am with the basic smilies/frownies ....  That has become second nature..  Today I went in with the boys vs. girls.  OH man did they move fast and work!!  This was one of the best days in a while!!  Greatness!!  I heard the boys telling others "to move faster"  "hurry so we can get a point".... They showed so much EXCITEMENT, used great gestures, used more "College talk" than they have been lately......  A  Great day!!  I used to be one of those teachers who in the past felt they had to talk loud or they did not respond...I did not like it but it seemed the only way I got results..  Now with WBT I am so quite 90% of the time!!  I am the teacher I used to wonder about... How were they so quiet!?!?  lol    

AND (insert drum roll)  Starting Jan 25--Saturday  I am so blessed and thankful to be part of a great freebie linky hosted by Amanda @ The Primary Gal there will be some great freebies (that are NOT usually free!!!)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Freebie Link UP... Yeppy Its Friday!

Well it is the last day of the 9 weeks....  I am tired!!  Ya'll know how it is you go into EVERY new grading period with great intentions of getting X number of grades each week and then those little cuties come in  to your room and .....   Well let's just be honest!  It does not always work out that way!   Here is an organizer that I thought of to help my kids with regrouping.  I was sitting at the bank with a deposit slip that I NEVER use anymore in the is day of technology and looking at the segmented boxes it came to me... Maybe this will help!!  I am sure it won't hurt.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Second Grade Math Maniac: Mystery Box Giveaway!!!!!!!!!

HAVE YOU SEEN!!!????  I SO want to win!!

Second Grade Math Maniac: Mystery Box Giveaway!!!!!!!!!: Remember the Mystery Box? For those of you who do...It's OK, you can squeal...We did. For those of you who may not, come in real cl...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Friday Free For All Linky

I am linking up with The Primary Gal again for her Friday Free For All!!  I am excited to have done this twice now!  I don't know if I am gonna make EVERY Friday but I am going to try!  This freebie is something I created to help my 2nd graders with Greater Than/Less Than.  You can use number cards from a station activity that you may already have, you can use a deck of cards, laminate and have them write with dry erase markers....  Just whatever! I tried to keep it simple.

Happy New School year!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mrs. Shipley's Fabulous Firsties: WBT Book Study Week 1--Chapters 1-3

Mrs. Shipley's Fabulous Firsties: WBT Book Study Week 1--Chapters 1-3: Hello and welcome to our new 2014 Whole Brain Teaching book study. As you take this journey with us, be prepared to completely change your t...

I am SSOOO excited!!!  This is the MOST amazing resource I have ever discovered as a teacher!!  And best of all the resources & info are FREE!!!!  ALWAYS FREE!  @ You need to RUN not walk and sign up!  You can get the book via the Kindle app (that is what I did).   This will TRANSFORM your teaching!!  I am so excited I can't even type!!  lol

Come join Mrs. Shipley she is AMAZING!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Currently 2014

I am hooking up with LOTS of great bloggers to join Farley @ Oh' Boy 4th Grade first Currently of 2014!  It's the 2nd day of 2014 and I am already feeling a bit overwhelmed!!  Drats!!   lol

LISTENING:  I did not really watch Sister Sister--I was a bit older (more Cosby Show! lol)  But I love watching their reality show when I catch it.  There laugh is so infections!!

LOVING:  Thanks to Megan from A Bird in Hand for my cute blog look!!  I did not get a custom yet just one of her pre-made sets and I love it!!  An early Christmas present to myself!  I will defiantly be getting with her when my tiny blog get a bit bigger for a more custom look.

THINKING:  I brought stuff home to work on during the break and thought that I would wait till this week because I don't want to work all the time but now I feel as if it will never get done!  I keep telling myself that some of this once it is done I won't have to do it again (unless I get moved again next year....) but it just suck on top of things that will ALWAYS be there---grades, lesson plans .....   Oh well

WANTING:  It to be summer and go to a beach somewhere .... ANYWHERE!!   In true typical Texas fashion by yesterday it had creeped up to almost 70 and now it is not even 35 degrees!!  Did I mention how OVER winter I am already!?!?

NEEDING:  More of me to get all this stuff done I need to do and also so I don't have such Mommy guilt!

TRADITION:  My husbands family would always give p.j.s for Christmas Eve as a gift to open.  Then when I had my daughter I got the 1st baby ornament from the Hallmark  "First 5 years series."    This has became my favorite shopping trip of Christmas every year!!  Each year I get an ornament for each of us that reflects our personality.  As our family grew it is so much fun.  My daughter as LOVED Pooh Bear from  day 1 so; she has lots Winnie the Pooh ornaments, my son is a blankie boy!!  He does not carry it 24/7 like he did the first 5 years!  ( I seriously was afraid he would be carrying them around in Kinder!!) but he always sleeps with them and when he gets home he has them (he is in 4th now!!....hhhmm I think I just got some parent blackmail for later! lol!! .....  Anyway he has a Linus as well as several penguin ornaments-(another love).

So if you found me from the linky and you made it to this point I would love if you would be a follower of me on my new little journey!