Monday, November 11, 2013


Yes the weather has turned cooler here in the heart of Texas.  And I am a wimp!!  I am already cold!  I just like it to be atleast 80ish but I am not complaining mind you!

So I signed up last year for this Scoot Pad thing... and never got around to adding my class so here goes it in 2nd grade.  I read about it on another blog.. sorry I cant find the posting at the moment but I will keep looking.  You can do the free version which is what I am doing at the moment with the paid version you can set it up to assess and customize the learning path...  Seems cool so we will see..  I have my 4 or so low babies that are on Lexia so ANY little bit helps and now my others will have a "go to" place as well during Daily 5 and today I am starting Guided Math-FINGERS CROSSED AND PRAYERS please!  I have been thinking on it for a long time but thanks to the FAB Mrs. Tunstall and her post I got a solid plan in place:   But you know what they say about "all good plans"!!  AND Especially as a teacher!!  They are great until the kids actually come!  ha!

Tata for now!! I hope to catch Coach B tonight at 7 Central for some good WBT learning!!

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