Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The weekend is coming.... Linking up withTHE Mrs. Shipley :)..OH and a Freebie FB LINKY!!!

Well I have wanted to post lately but I have not had the spirit...  It is a tough year!!  My first year in 2nd grade and our district has "podded" 2nd and up with "advanced and regular" so there are 4 regular (myself included) and 2 advanced classes...  I don't have any measure to base these kids on because I have always been in K or younger.  The other fabulous team members HAVE done 2nd for many years.  And us reg. folks are DROWNING!!  My other reg. team mates keep saying this is the worst year ever!!  They have not seen kids this low!!  These kids are so LOW!!  We have unit assessments it seems like every other week--which is the data we look at (math and ela) but they do not count for a grade (thankfully!!) and I personally have at least 7 that I know will not pass because they are ESL and or reading at a 6-10 DRA.  And then the rest are at least on grade level (now) DRA of 24 or higher.  About half to 3/4 ths of them will pass.....   Then throw in the 4-5 that are ADHD/ADD some are on meds. and some are not.... So needless to say when my unit assessments come back they are not good.... I feel like I am failing these guys...    BUT TODAY WAS DIFFERENT!!

I am so excited to link up with THE FABULOUS Mrs. Shipley @ Mrs Shipley's Classroom ( I want to be like her when I grow up!! ).      Well I really prayed last night help me get some spark back and going in today WBT was there for me!  :)  I knew I needed to spice it up but I'm not as familiar with some of the different levels of the scoreboard yet like I am with the basic smilies/frownies ....  That has become second nature..  Today I went in with the boys vs. girls.  OH man did they move fast and work!!  This was one of the best days in a while!!  Greatness!!  I heard the boys telling others "to move faster"  "hurry so we can get a point".... They showed so much EXCITEMENT, used great gestures, used more "College talk" than they have been lately......  A  Great day!!  I used to be one of those teachers who in the past felt they had to talk loud or they did not respond...I did not like it but it seemed the only way I got results..  Now with WBT I am so quite 90% of the time!!  I am the teacher I used to wonder about... How were they so quiet!?!?  lol    

AND (insert drum roll)  Starting Jan 25--Saturday  I am so blessed and thankful to be part of a great freebie linky hosted by Amanda @ The Primary Gal there will be some great freebies (that are NOT usually free!!!)


  1. I'm so excited to hear the success you have had with WBT!! It really will change your classroom regardless of the kids you have! I know from experience! I have always had the low group regardless of the grade level I was in..and WBT rocked it every time!!! Keep up the great work!

    Farrah Shipley

  2. I don't get to check in often, but I think you are doing a great job for your first year in 2nd grade and my daughter is IN your class. Please lean on me as much as you would like in "out of class support." I can't really be up at school as often, but I am happy to help. Especially now that we do not have strep invading our house. Chin up, girl! You are doing wonderfully. As for "A", I am always interested in seeing how I can help her with her reading level (I hope she is up to snuff) and any other areas which always need help. Breathe in, breathe out and keep going. The results will be worth it. :)