Thursday, February 6, 2014

Super Speed Math

Well it was a crazy day here in North Texas.... We got snow!!  Not a big deal for the rest of the country but for us it is!!  I can just feel the dust blowing off the empty store shelves from the mad dash to get milk, eggs and bread.  We hear the whisper of snow and we react as if the world is ending!!  I really could not make this up!  lol

We have done Super Speed 100 off and on for sometime now and about a month ago I thought why not have them write one sent. as many times as they can in 1 minute and have them try to beat their times.  They love it they ask all the time to do it.  It is great!  So this week I one of my goals was to  finally read up on Super Speed math and implement it.  Well to day was the day!  As a whole my class is not the fastest with their math facts fluency.  And I found a really cute fluency packet on TPT but with doing the test, scoring, keeping track of who passed what or did not pass it does not always get done.... You know how it is!!  To much to cover and not enough time!  Super Speed Math is SO easy!!  Nothing to check, nothing to score or track!!  The kids partner up and one person says as many facts while the second partner tracks them and  HELPS  them if needed!!  I love this part!  Both  are getting practice!!

They LOVED it!!  And the whole think took less than 5 min. once I explained the rules.

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  1. Greetings fellow Texas Teacher. I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Stop by my blog to find out what it's about.
    I must say how excited I am to link up with fellow teachers in the good ole' state of TX. I also love that you are on the WBT journey as am I. I am following you to continue to get tips and pointers.