Tuesday, January 13, 2015

OMG!! A posting!!

Hi y'all!!  Something amazing is happening.....I actually am posting!  I don't know about y'all but this year has been terrible hard!!  I don't even know were to begin...  So I won't!  I can not believe it is already mid January!!  I wanted to stop by and talk about something I am in love with:  sit spots.   Have you seen these??  If not check them out they are SO COOL!

So in 2nd I do not have a rug like in kinder.  I like having a meeting place and honestly I do not want to fork out $100s for a rug for my classroom.  I could not stand tape because they just pick at it.  I hated how my kids would sit all over but it took to long to assign them areas.  And then I ran across these cool little things.  They are basically velcro... but SO much cooler!   They work on most carpets but not on rugs.

Now we have such a uniform area!!  4 rows of 5.  Each person has a space and I can assign specific spots if needed..  No body is to far from me, I still have room to walk (when piles of books are not there :), and I swear they learn better!!  lol  They just make me SO happy!!

You can go to their website and request a sample.  I got an apple and used that to mark where the start of the line is-no more being crowded, stepped on, or on top of the lockers!!

I hope your year is going fab!!  Here is to 2015 and a better year!

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