Thursday, June 4, 2015

End of the Year Freebie

WOW!! The end is here...  It has been a very hard year professionally so on that front I am glad and excited to learn what new adventures and school family God has in store for me...  But I am sad about losing my class.  I had a really great group of kiddos this year!  They are very kind and loved to learn!

So I always want to do something cute for end of the year gift like so many post I see but it seems the day just sneaks up on me (how?  yeah I know ;) )  and I run out of time.  Well this year for some reason--even with packing up a classroom I have not felt rushed--YEAH!!  So I used one of my leave early passes and headed to the Dollar Tree.  Not sure what I wanted to do--just something simple.  Well I am quite proud of the end result.  And I even made a cute little tag!!

So got the baskets, chalk, and popsicles from the Dollar Tree, add in a cute summer activity from Amy Lemons.  I let them pick out the popsicle.  I had book marks already.  Make the tag (there is one for boys and one for girls) and Voila!!  I spent $3.00 per kid and it was super simple and cute!

So if you happen to be still in school maybe these will save you a little time!
Happy Summer!

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