Wednesday, September 4, 2013



This is my blog to track and share my journey with Whole Brain Teaching.  I came across this crazy video:  and was VERY intrigued to say the least!   How did she do that!!??!  How were the kids SO engaged!?!?  I was in Kinder and I wanted that in my room to say the least!  I had a great group of kids just a few that were driving me crazy!!  This WBT thing seemed the ticket!!  So I searched and searched and found Farrah Shipley right here in Texas!!  @ and THE website:  So I used the Scoreboard and Class/Yes and It made a Huge difference with my group!  

SO... Now I find myself in 2nd grade and feeling at a wall.  My goal is to share my struggles and celebrations and hopefully connect with others!


  1. Hey Chelsea... I think your blog looks great! I'm your 3rd follower ;) Best of luck in your new journey!! Can't wait to follow along!

    Lory's Page

  2. Yeah!! Thank you Lory. I got my rolling rainbow drawers all set up and labeled for your Sept. Lit. Stations. Can not wait to introduce them and the math stations this week!

  3. Great new blog.. I just started mine this summer but it needs refreshing as the start of school has me exhausted!! I keep forgetting to bring home my iPad to transfer pics, too!! I also am using class, class ... learned it this summer with a Common Core workshop and they are responding like champs!! I love your blog colors!!