Friday, August 8, 2014

Classroom Peek...Almost :)

Well I am VERY close to done in my room!  Yeah!  Thanks to my daughter who is working for some$$.  This is the "teacher area"  I got rid of my desk last year and this summer found the cutest table at IKEA!  You will have to excuse my pile of lamination that keeps grown on the lower right side.  And the lower left the containers that I am going to have out for BTS supplies.
Here is the front of the room.  My cutie math "Perfect Pocket" chart I made.  My WBT practice cards are to the right of that.
This ($15 score) old t.v. unit was my library last year but this year I wanted to spread my library out around the room so I had the thought great idea to make this my small group area.  I sewed the curtain which hide an old shoe organizer that has all my stuff (pens, paper clips, glue, markers, etc.....).  I really love how it came out.  I am not sure what I will do with the book covers yet..  It is not high on my list so there good for now!  I did take down the Daily 5 freebies from Lory's Page to move elsewhere.
This is the wall to the left when you walk in.  Here "Savannah White" (crazy kid!)  is my Power Pix and Super Improvers, and Genius Ladder wall.  I will take down the rest of my PP but I just have not decided how I want to put them back.  I don't want to keep stapling them year after year.....  Any suggestions welcome (there is fabric on the board).  Also my 2 student computers.  And the 2nd library shelf.

Like I said the room is almost done.  There are a few little things but I feel it is in a state that I can now concentrate on getting my schedule, 5 step lessons, and activities, Rise & Shine binders, math and reading interactive notebooks, and student communication binders (post to follow!)...  

Oh man I have a lot to do!!  Off to work!


  1. I LOVE the fun colors! Your daughter is a great helper!! Wishing you a great year!

    Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class

  2. Thank you Nancy!! I am super excited to see how far WBT will take me and my students :)