Friday, August 1, 2014

Currently... UMM WHAT??

Oh man it is August already?!?!  I am linking up with The Fab Farley @ Oh boy 4th grade I have gone from relaxed it will be fine I will be so ready to feeling like my insides are spinning out of control and "I have what to do??"  "HOW will I get it all done!!

Listening:  well.... I won't go into detail anymore...  I am a bit stressed to say the least :)
Loving:  This Texas Summer!!  Never thought I would say that in August!!  This REALLY makes it hard to go back :)  We are usually feeling about 1 block South of the Sun right about now!  We have had several cold fronts (YEAH you read right!)  And today is cloudy in the 70s.. has been like that for 3 days now...  This is the second time this summer!
Thinking:  I need to "Just Say No" to anyone who offers me free stuff for my classroom; fab units posted on FB and blogs (yeah right!!  who am I kidding on #2)
Wanting & Needing: The same.... self explanitory this time of the year... Can I get an Amen!
 1st Day back:  Although I have had some workshops this Summer our Inservice starts Aug. 18-officailly report back to duty & the kids come the following Monday Aug. 25.

**  Well back to working out my Scope and Sequence and fee my dogs who are gonna die I am sure because they have not had dinner yet and it is 5:50 after all!!  Ha  :)


  1. Hello there! Love your blog! I too am beginning to stress about school but we will get it done we always do!


    1. From your lips :) Thanks for stoping by!