Sunday, July 20, 2014

BTS Deals, ideas, and ....

I am going to be posting any back to school deals and great finds that I come across (sad I know ;)..  Have you seen this deal from Educents?  I would SO have to get this if I was still in Kinder.

Also, I have really been wanting one of these lamps for my classroom.  

However, I did not want to pay more than $10 dollars.  So imagine my happiness when Target has put them on sale this week for $13!!  Why is that great you say well because I have been saving some Target gift cards from my students and the drop/kid iPad proof cover I have been saving them for I got for $26 via nomorerack a 70% savings! So I was able to use my gift cards for the lamp!

I have lots of other items, find, tips to share so stay tuned!

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