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Ch. 6 Supporting Guided Math with Math Workshop

This chapter is all about what "they are doing when I have a small group."  There are SO many options out there of how to set up Math Workshop (or Math Stations as I call them).  But do not forget to give this the SAME quality and attention at the start of the year as you did with your Guided Reading time.  Know your expectations and discuss, list, and model both correct and incorrect ways to do things.  If you do Daily 5 you can use the same T chart format as well!  I highly recommend Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations book... It goes into EXACTLY the details that you need if you are just getting started!

Types of activities:
  • review of previous skills
  • computer/ipad games 
  • math fact fluency
  • Math Journals
  • math partner games
  • practice problem solving
  • investigation of mathematical concepts
These are the rotation groups I have in my classroom:  Teacher, Math Journal, Seat Work, Computer, Math Tubs, Partner games (I used this when I did not want to be tied to a group)  *this is not perfect yet but I do like it!!  I just need to tweak it a bit.

I had 4 in each group.  I always want the work to be engaging, and meaningful--NOT busy work.

Math Journal group:  If you have not used the math journal activities from Reagan Tunstall I HIGHLY recommend them!!  Once she started creating them they are what I used for Math Journal work.

Seat work:  I might use something from our adoption, a worksheet we might not have gotten to in the past,  Katie King's Busy teacher packs are great for this!

Partner games:  I would use this instead of Teacher when I needed some flexibility.  Also, if the kids in Math Tubs finished but had time they could choose from here.  I have LOTS of great teacher created games (mostly free!) that I put in there as well as our math adoption has math games as one of the consumables so I kept 2 form each pk and laminated them and added them to the collection.  A great resource also are activities from The Math Coach's Corner.

Computer/ipad:  They have to do XtraMath first.  This is FREE so SIGN YOUR CLASS UP!!  Then they could chose from several choices (I would post a sheet)  One great website is Johnnies Math Page.   It might be the only one you need! lol  Some great apps I use:  fraction circles, geoboard, thinking blocks, 2nd grade Teach Me, money, Number pieces, Math pocket charts--fractions, shape match, ixl math, bugs and buttons apps, and Mc Graw Hill apps (they run them free every so often).  Some of these are free and some are paid that I got them for free.  Sign up at and on Facebook-Appymall*thanks to this I have a bit of an app problem on my iPad!  I need to get them organized/cleaned up.  I have a lot from Kinder that are not appropriate for 2nd.  Also look for apps by L'Escapadou there are some great ones.  Number Pieces Basic by Math learning Center is a fun one!

Math Tubs:  This is one where I have not gotten it exactly the way I want it.  I have not found a happy medium with free choice or assigning a tub....  Still thinking on this as to how I want to do it.

Teacher:  I may use this to work on our current skill, assess, or introduce a new skill.

I have become OBSESSED with anything in a circle!  I made icons to match my math stations.  You can find them here.

I feel that I am able to really focus more on each student where they are and what their strengths and weakness are in the topic we are covering.  Also, as with Guided Reading the students are in charge of their learning.  The student is becoming responsible, accountable,  and independent with their learning.

**I have no idea why I can't add the link up links and see them in the post... Sorry!!  I have tried and now I give  :)  You can go to The Primary Girl to get the hook ups.

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